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Change to competitive calendar in 2017/2018 for U8-U14 Teams
Going from a Spring/Fall to a Fall/Spring Schedule

In 2015 the US Soccer Federation has made significant changes that affect competitive and recreational soccer teams across the country. 

In 2016 Castro Valley Soccer Club already implemented the age group changes and field sizes changes. The last part of this mandate is to have all soccer season timelines aligned across the country and in line with US Soccer’s calendars; which means switching from a Spring/Fall Schedule that U8-U14 teams currently play to a Fall/Spring schedule for all teams. This new calendar needs to be in place by 2018 as this will be the timeline of all leagues, State Cup and other competitions from August 1st 2018.

Competitive Program Overview

Thank you for considering the Castro Valley Soccer Club’s (“CVSC”) Competitive Program for your child. This Program provides your child to play soccer at a higher level than the Recreational Program can offer. The purpose of this document is to provide prospective and returning players with information about the CVSC Competitive Program so they can make an informed decision about the upcoming season.

Competitive Program Financial Aid Requests

At Castro Valley Soccer Club (CVSC), we want to give every child the opportunity to play soccer.  It is the policy of CVSC to attempt to provide financial assistance to those players who might not otherwise be able to participate with CVSC.

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Club Vision, Philosophy, Methodolgy & Way of Playing

Find out more information about the following aspects of Castro Valley Soccer Club:

  • Club Vision
  • Player Development Pathway
  • Coaching Philosophy, Methodology & Style of Play
  • Systems of Play (7v7, 9v9, 11v11)