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Competitive Teams



Competitive Teams

Year 2023/2024


Competitive Players

Year 2023/2024


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Teams (2023/2024)

Please find below the coaching slate for the CVSC Competitive teams.

More information can be found at the NorCal Premier website.

Boys Team Age Group Coach
2016-2017 Boys Development U7-8 Brett Shaver/Connor Moir
2015 Boys Green U9 Mark Nutter
2015 Boys White U9 Connor Moir
2015 Boys Yellow U9 Mark Nutter
2014 Boys Green U10 Brett Shaver
2014 Boys Yellow U10 Brett Shaver
2013 Boys Green U11 Garry Agnew
2013 Boys Yellow U11 Garry Agnew
2012 Boys Green U12 Brendan McManus
2012 Boys Yellow U12 Ryan Stiggants
Girls Team Age Group Coach
2016 Girls Development Center U8 Ryan Stiggants
2015 Girls Green U9 Kevin Thorsen
2014 Girls Green U10 Kevin Thorsen
2014 Girls Yellow U10 Ryan Stiggants
2012 Girls Yellow U12 Ryan Stiggants


For a list of our U13-U19 competitive teams please visit the AFC webpage at: